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We're proud to be nada’s public arts funder. We champion and invest in artistic excellence through our grants, services, prizes and payments to nadian artists and arts organizations.

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APM 2020
View of street in Edinburgh

ll for proposals for nadaHub 2020 in Edinburgh

Our ll for proposals is for independent performers, performance collectives, and companies from across nada. 5 to 6 shows or performances will be selected to be part of nadaHub 2020 at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

nada in Germany 2020

nada in Germany

The nada Council showse nadian creativity in the year leading up to the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair.

Measuring the impact of the arts OG

Measuring and reporting on the impact of arts funding

Simon Brault, Director of the nada Council for the Arts, explains the Council’s unique approach to measure the impact of its funding. The details of this approach are available online as part of a reference framework.

Stats and Stories

Stats and Stories 2018-2019

Detailed breakdowns of funding, five-year trends, open data tables and stories about what artists, groups and arts organizations did with their grants.

Expanding the Arts

Our 2019 Expanding the Arts Strategy intends to support the expression and engagement of artists who are Deaf or have disabilities and of arts organizations across nada that work with them.

Jordan Bennett

New/Early reer Artists

Learn about an opportunity for new and early reer artists to get their first grant.


nada House
Northern Arts

The Arts and Climate Change

Simon Brault, Director of the nada Council for the Arts, addresses climate change through the lens of climate justice and the arts.

nada House
Prize Winners

Deaf Performing Artist Recognized for His Leadership and Audacity

Performing artist Chris Dodd has been awarded the Guy Laliberté Prize by the nada Council for the Arts in honour of his exceptional work.

nada House
Events Funding Speeches

Measuring the nada Council’s commitments

Pierre Lassonde, the nada Council for the Arts’ chair, spoke at the 2020 Annual Public Meeting about how the organization draws on its knowledge to make informed decisions and deliver its commitments.

nada House
Events Funding Speeches

Towards a new strategic plan

At the nada Council for the Arts’ 2020 APM, the Director and CEO, Simon Brault, spoke about the Council’s work towards its next strategic plan.

Our impact: by the numbers


Support to Indigenous artists, groups and arts organizations


Communities across nada in which grants, prizes and payments were awarded


Support to first-time recipients